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Alvarado, Luis
I felt motivated to complete the survey in order to speak out for the good and bad memories at Texas A&M.  - Alvarado, Luis, Engineering
Roberts, Clayton
If I was a student conducting a survey, I would like for others to respond. It's also the easiest $50 that I have ever made from my couch.  - Roberts, Clayton, Agriculture and Life Sciences
Haerr, Christopher
Surveys are a great way for a group to know how to serve their people best. - Haerr, Christopher, Geosciences
Mares, Samantha
I wanted to see if there was a place to share my thoughts about this school and show my support. I found this survey and it was exactly what I was looking for. An easy place to show that I was here, that I was a part of Aggieland.  - Mares, Samantha, Architecture
McDowell, Brianne
I completed the survey so that changes can be made to make Texas A&M the bes that it can possibly be for all students currently attending and future students. Everyone should fill ou the survey so that your opinion is known. - McDowell, Brianne, Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Pippin, Lora
I think this survey is a great way for students to do some reflection and share their unique experiences at Texas A&M University. The survey was easy to complete and gives students the opportunity to provide feedback on where they think the University should be heading.   - Pippin, Lora, Education and Human Development
Krishnathasan, Sahanna
The survey is an easy way to voice your opinion without leaving your couch! - Krishnathasan, Sahanna, Engineering
O'Brien, Connor
Giving our feedback to the university is vital for positive continued growth. Each one of us is unique and the university can only provide and represent for us if it hears back from the students! - O'Brien, Connor, Agriculture and Life Sciences
Starr, Madison
I think it is important to complete surveys because they help the conductors of the survey get information from different types of people all at once. I enjoy helping others so even doing something simple like giving feedback in a survey is important to me! I would be happy to share this survey, and others, with my friends because of these reasons!  - Starr, Madison, Education and Human Development
Williams, Daniel
I mainly did the survey to be able to have an outlet to fully express my time here at A&M, the financial benefit isn't a bad reason as well.  - Williams, Daniel, Architecture
Flatt, Alyssa
This survey is an easy way to share feedback with our school in order to better your education! - Flatt, Alyssa, Galveston
Hajali, Diana
This survey allows the students at Texas A&M to share their perspective on the current and future state of the university. Positive change in our society, no matter how small, starts with every single one of us.  - Hajali, Diana, Liberal Arts
Prewitt, Bruckner
What motivated me to take the survey was the fact that I felt Hannah Wimberley has done an excellent job as our student body president and that she would truly value my opinion about my experience thus far as an Aggie.  - Prewitt, Bruckner, Agriculture and Life Sciences
Rodriguez, Rachel
I did the survey because it took into consideration my opinion of different concepts that are not always asked at A&M. A plus was to get an incentive. I would tell this to my friends to encourage them to do the survey as well.  - Rodriguez, Rachel, Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Stanzel, Taylor
The survey is a great way to provide feedback to the university directly from the students. Plus there is a great incentive with the chance to win some cash. - Stanzel, Taylor, Engineering
Berger, Kyle
A&M values the opinions of their students, and is one of the reasons I am proud to be an Aggie. Plus, the gift card is a nice incentive to take the time to complete it. - Berger, Kyle, Architecture
McKenzie, Emma
I took the survey because I think education is incredibly important and I want to help my university and country achieve a goal of higher education as well as I can, and I think everyone else should, too. - McKenzie, Emma, Mays Business School
Pence, Taylor
Before taking this survey, I had always considered A&M to be a tolerant and friendly place. However, taking the survey forced me to think back on all my interactions and experiences: what I saw as a place with an underlying tension between different social or ethnic groups. Even though there is a general message of acceptance, outreach and love on our campus, that message is not always reflected in the daily interaction between students and in their conversations with one another. While the majority of students are helpful, kind and open minded, I have met many people who speak with disrespect about anyone who differs from them racially, ethnically, religiously, politically, etc. Although this is not representative of many of my peers, the fact that I have experienced this in small doses makes me wonder how many people or groups practice this passive form of disrespect, and how this truly affects our Aggie Family.  - Pence, Taylor, Liberal Arts
Schellhase, Kiefer
As a first generation Aggie, I find it important to share my experience as this has undoubtedly been the best years of my life, and providing feedback is the least I can do. - Schellhase, Kiefer, Engineering
Strozewski, Katharine
A&M continually offers opportunities to participate in open dialogue with the university. It is very important to participate in this sor of conversation in order to help A&M be the best university around! - Strozewski, Katharine, Liberal Arts
Juan Hector Puga (Grand Prize Winner)
The survey is simple and fast, can help your school, and you can even win a $300 gift card. So I say take it! - Juan Hector Puga (Grand Prize Winner), Dwight Look College of Engineering
April Ryan
I took this survey because it got my opinion out there and they value my opinion. - April Ryan, Education and Human Development
Elizabeth O'Brien
I thought that the survey asked critical qustions in order for Texas A&M to grow and better serve the students. - Elizabeth O'Brien, Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Allison Hodde
The survey is easy and it gives students a way to voice their opinion. - Allison Hodde, Agriculture and Life Sciences
Monica Bales
I'm glad A&M cares about its students' thoughts. - Monica Bales, Dwight Look College of Engineering
Ashlyn Carroll
I think everyone should take this survey, not only for the cool prizes, but gives everyone a chance for their voice to be heard among the thousands of fellow ags! - Ashlyn Carroll, Education and Human Development
Brandon Crelia
It pays to do the survey! - Brandon Crelia, Architecture
Kelci Miller
"I loved getting to share feedback with the university and having my voice heard!" - Kelci Miller, Geosciences
Weston Gallo
The survey is a convenient way to express your thoughts. - Weston Gallo, Dwight Look College of Engineering
Rebecca Lehman
"It is a great way for TAMU to make the campus more comfortable for its students. The gift card is anice perk, too!" - Rebecca Lehman, Education and Human Development
Kendra Wilhelm
- Kendra Wilhelm, Dwight Look College of Engineering
Eva Gilpin
The SERU is a great way for students to give feedback on their experience at A&M. It's quick and easy. - Eva Gilpin, Liberal Arts
Keith Tamborello
"The SERU survey is great for collecting data over time to see how the university is evolving." - Keith Tamborello, Agriculture and Life Sciences
Khione Stevenson
"Out of 50,000 students at A&M, it's nice to be able to voice my opinion with a great chance of being heard." - Khione Stevenson, Education and Human Development
Natalie Criscione
"This is a great way for the university to hear from its students!" - Natalie Criscione, Dwight Look College of Engineering
Georgia Hansen
"I really enjoyed getting to have my opinion heard and taken into account." - Georgia Hansen, Agriculture and Life Sciences
Joycelyn Oparaodu
"The survey is a great way to give back to this university and provide feedback on your experience on this campus!" - Joycelyn Oparaodu, Mays Business School
Katelin Perlich
"The survey was super simple and it is a great way to keep Texas A&M the best university there is. The gift card was just another great bonus." - Katelin Perlich, Education and Human Development
Steven Mundt
"I think if everyone took this SERU survey, our university would benefit greatly from it. Plus, you could win prizes!" - Steven Mundt, Dwight Look College of Engineering
Alexis Appelquist
"The survey was a fairly quick way to voice my opinion and give feedback on our university." - Alexis Appelquist, Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Matthew Gaal
"The aggie SERU survey is a great way to make an impact on your education." - Matthew Gaal, Dwight Look College of Engineering
Michael Wenzel
"Texas A&M has done an outstanding job at student involvement. I like how Texas A&M has great opportunities to lear and get abroad." - Michael Wenzel, Architecture
Shantavia Lowe
"Be heard! Take the survey because your voice matters!" - Shantavia Lowe, Mays Business School
Timothy Broderick
"Taking the time to fill out this survey is a great way to help continually improve Texas A&M and the aggie experience for years to come." - Timothy Broderick, Agriculture and Life Sciences
Daniel Guo
"Physical incentives aside, taking this survey is one of the best ways to make your voice heard." - Daniel Guo, Dwight Look College of Engineering
Paige Harris
"The survey only took a few minutes, but winning the gift card was well worth the time." - Paige Harris, Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Abigail Barrientos
"It is a quick survey that can better our school. Plus you have a chance to get a gift card from it as well." - Abigail Barrientos, Agriculture and Life Sciences
Craig Wolf
"You should take the SERU survey because it is how we as students let our voice and opinions be heard. it is how we do our part in improving and making Texas A&M a better place for future Aggies!" - Craig Wolf, Dwight Look College of Engineering
Luke Hillin
"The SERU survey gives Texas A&M a unique opportunity to adapt to students needs by understanding more about us." - Luke Hillin, Mays Business School
Jordan Brown
"Take the survey, help your professors and win a gift card!" - Jordan Brown, Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Laura Malek
"Thank you, TAMU Aggie SERU for my Starbucks gift card. I encourage all students to give their feedback in the future to help all future Aggies!" - Laura Malek, Architecture
Miranda Rhodes
"The survey was pretty interesting. There is no loss in filling it out. :)" - Miranda Rhodes, Liberal Arts
Mattias Turner
"The survey is a quick and easy way to tell the university where you think they can improve and where you think they are doing a good job." - Mattias Turner, Engineering
Stephanie Czajkowski
"The survey is quick and easy. It benefits the university and could earn you a gift certificate as well." - Stephanie Czajkowski, Agriculture & Life Sciences
Corey Gleichner
I believed that this survey would truely help Texas A&M University. Since this university has given me a foundation of which to base the rest of my life off, I wanted to be able to give back to it in any way possible. - Corey Gleichner, Liberal Arts
Deborah Logan
"The survey brought back the memories or tough classes and great professors. The gift card was just a nice bonus." - Deborah Logan, Mays Business School
Harrison Emery
"The survey was really easy and definitely helpful for the university." - Harrison Emery, Engineering
Janae Rapp
"Take the survey! Anything to help the school makes undergraduate research better!" - Janae Rapp, Science
Kelsy Neystel
"Taking the survey is quick and easy to do!" - Kelsy Neystel, Education & Human Development
Steven Baker
"The sruvey was simple and helpful. Glad I got to take it. " - Steven Baker, Mays Business School
Garrett English
"Just taking this quick survey can earn a few extra things for school!" - Garrett English, Architecture
Marie Meizis
"Take the survey, super easy and quick. And who wouldn't want to help a fellow aggie and the university!" - Marie Meizis, Liberal Arts
Sarah Miller
"The survey was easy to take. Worth givng information to." - Sarah Miller, Agriculture & Life Sciences
Joseph Miesch
"This sruvey was worth your time and the gift card was certainly a great surprise!" - Joseph Miesch, Architecture
Joshua Fang
"Taking the survey is a great way to give your input to Texas A&M." - Joshua Fang, Education & Human Development
Laura Watson
"There's no reason not to take these surveys. They are quick and easy and you personally get to help your school improve!" - Laura Watson, Education & Human Development
Melissa Grieve
"It's wonderful to know that A&M values the students opinions and strives to make a better campus for us." - Melissa Grieve, Agriculture & Life Sciences
Qishu Zhang
"The Survey provides valuable feedback necessary for improvements and change - take it! And then win a gift card!" - Qishu Zhang, Engineering
Jocelyn Judge
"The survey is a great way to easily add your input to decisions made at Texas A&M. As students, we should all be active in this process. " - Jocelyn Judge, Geosciences
Mariana Flores
"The survey was quick & easy to do. It is a way for students to comment on how life at TAMU is going. " - Mariana Flores, Architecture
Dylan Sanderson
The survey didn't take very long to complete and I got a gift card out of it! - Dylan Sanderson, Galveston Campus
Lindsey Moyer
"This survey is very easy to take and does not take much time to do. Every opportunity matters." - Lindsey Moyer, Liberal Arts
Melissa Brumley
"The survey was well organized and gave me a voice here at Texas A&M. I felt like I was actually being listened to. " - Melissa Brumley, Veterinary Med & Biomedical Sciences
Luxjoria Thibodeaux
"The survey is quick, easy, and can better your experience at Texas A&M. You also have the opportunity to win a gift card!!! I did, you can too!!!" - Luxjoria Thibodeaux, Science
Madison Haas
"The survey is a great way to make TAMU a better university (even if it is the best in the nation!) WHOOP!" - Madison Haas, Education & Human Development
Erika Maleski
"I'm glad to give my imput to help improve Texas A&M even more. I love my school and I can't wait to see it grow." - Erika Maleski, Mays Business School
Taylor Hansen
"After taking Survey Making classes, I understand the importance of getting individuals to participate in surveys. I wanted to improve A&M." - Taylor Hansen, Agriculture & Life Sciences
Ryan Crawford
"Taking the survey is an easy way to help Texas A&M improve for future generations of Aggies." - Ryan Crawford, Liberal Arts
Javier Cantu
"Never did I think I would win something, but this survey gave me that chance. I highly recommend taking it since it's easy as 1, 2, 3!"
- Javier Cantu, Veterinary Med & Biomedical Sciences
Mallory Gibson
"The survey was a great way to share my opinions about my experience here with the school." - Mallory Gibson, Mays Business School
Meredith Jaksik
"The survey doesn't take too long and it is really great knowing that you have a chance to win a gift card from it." - Meredith Jaksik, Education & Human Development
Joseph Wachsman
"I didn't need any incentives to take this survey - engineering students have all the free time in the world." - Joseph Wachsman, Engineering
Lindsay Ward
"You can let others know what you think about our great university!" - Lindsay Ward, Agriculture & Life Sciences
Suzanna Seargeant
"The survey was so simple to take and is so beneficial to us as students at this university." - Suzanna Seargeant, Liberal Arts
Tyler Corder
"This Survey is a great way to better this institution for the next generations of Aggies." - Tyler Corder , Mays Business School
Kelby McMullen
"This survey is an easy and great way to share your opinion and help better our school." - Kelby McMullen, Liberal Arts
Nicole James
"It's really a good way for students to get their opinions about A&M and make it better." - Nicole James, Geosciences
Oscar Pena
"The survey was simple and quick, and with a great reward." - Oscar Pena, Architecture
Renee Jones
"I think the survey is important. You get better understanding of where we are and where we are going." - Renee Jones, Agriculture & Life Sciences
Jacob Jeffers
"I take the SERU survey every year, just because I want to give my feedback to A&M to make the school better. The gift card is a nice surprise!" - Jacob Jeffers, Mays Business School
Malory Martin
"The survey is easy to navigate. It helps improve A&M for future Aggies." - Malory Martin, Agriculture & Life Sciences
Rebecca Doncov
"It doesn't take very long to complete the survey, but it's an easy way to let yourself be heard." - Rebecca Doncov, Liberal Arts
Sarah Camba
"This survey is really helpful. It helps your voice to be heard as a student." - Sarah Camba, Engineering
Erinne Crouthers
- Erinne Crouthers, Education & Human Development
Jeremiah Pittman
"The gift card should encourage you to take the survey!" - Jeremiah Pittman, Liberal Arts
Kristopher Keller
"The survey takes a little bit of your time, but winning the gift card is so awesome!" - Kristopher Keller, Science
Five winners will be chosen each week for ten weeks.

Complete the survey and be entered to win a $50 Amazon gift card or Visa card.

The sooner you complete the survey, the more chances you have to win!

Winners by Week

Week#7 2017

Gibbens, Victoria, Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Herber, Reagan, Science
Lightfoot, Anna, General Studies
Moreno, Renee, Architecture
Toperzer, Auston, Mays Business School

Week#6 2017

Donovan, Kyla - $100 Winner, Engineering
Alvarado, Luis, Engineering
Caprio, Catherine, Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Johnson, Arthur, Agriculture and Life Sciences
Martinez, Irene, Galveston
Roberts, Clayton, Agriculture and Life Sciences

Week#5 2017

Burboa, Juan, Engineering
Haerr, Christopher, Geosciences
Mares, Samantha, Architecture
McDowell, Brianne, Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Pippin, Lora, Education and Human Development

Week#4 2017

Dickey, Addison, Liberal Arts
Krishnathasan, Sahanna, Engineering
O'Brien, Connor, Agriculture and Life Sciences
Starr, Madison, Education and Human Development
Williams, Daniel, Architecture

Week#3 2017

Flatt, Alyssa, Galveston
Gay, William, Science
Hajali, Diana, Liberal Arts
Lee, Hanna, Liberal Arts
Timmerman, Madison, Education and Human Development

Week#2 2017

Akhtar, Sarah, Mays Business School
Foreman, Laura, General Studies
Prewitt, Bruckner, Agriculture and Life Sciences
Rodriguez, Rachel, Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Stanzel, Taylor, Engineering

Week#1 2017

Berger, Kyle, Architecture
McKenzie, Emma, Mays Business School
Pence, Taylor, Liberal Arts
Schellhase, Kiefer, Engineering
Strozewski, Katharine, Liberal Arts

Winners by College

Agriculture and Life Sciences

Roberts, Clayton, Week#6, 2017
Johnson, Arthur, Week#6, 2017
O'Brien, Connor, Week#4, 2017
Prewitt, Bruckner, Week#2, 2017


Moreno, Renee, Week#7, 2017
Mares, Samantha, Week#5, 2017
Williams, Daniel, Week#4, 2017
Berger, Kyle, Week#1, 2017

Education and Human Development

Pippin, Lora, Week#5, 2017
Starr, Madison, Week#4, 2017
Timmerman, Madison, Week#3, 2017


Alvarado, Luis, Week#6, 2017
Donovan, Kyla - $100 Winner, Week#6, 2017
Burboa, Juan, Week#5, 2017
Krishnathasan, Sahanna, Week#4, 2017
Stanzel, Taylor, Week#2, 2017
Schellhase, Kiefer, Week#1, 2017


Martinez, Irene, Week#6, 2017
Flatt, Alyssa, Week#3, 2017

General Studies

Lightfoot, Anna, Week#7, 2017
Foreman, Laura, Week#2, 2017


Haerr, Christopher, Week#5, 2017

Liberal Arts

Dickey, Addison, Week#4, 2017
Hajali, Diana, Week#3, 2017
Lee, Hanna, Week#3, 2017
Strozewski, Katharine, Week#1, 2017
Pence, Taylor, Week#1, 2017

Mays Business School

Toperzer, Auston, Week#7, 2017
Akhtar, Sarah, Week#2, 2017
McKenzie, Emma, Week#1, 2017


Herber, Reagan, Week#7, 2017
Gay, William, Week#3, 2017

Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Gibbens, Victoria, Week#7, 2017
Caprio, Catherine, Week#6, 2017
McDowell, Brianne, Week#5, 2017
Rodriguez, Rachel, Week#2, 2017