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Congratulations to this week's 5 winners!

- Released on Apr 02, 2015

This weeks winners are from the following colleges:
Mahoney, Kelsey A&M Baylor College of Dentistry
Wolf, Craig Dwight Look College of Engineering
McMurtry, Molly Liberal Arts
Barrientos, Abigail Agriculture and Life Sciences
Hillin, Luke Mays Business School

Each of the winners will receive a $50 gift card from Target, HEB, Walmart, Academy, Starbucks and so on. Please "Contact us" to pick up the prize. 

We will continue drawing 5 winners each week till the Aggies SERU is closed. In June, two grand prizes will be awarded to two students who completed the survey. If you have already submitted the Aggie SERU, you are still in the running to win a prize. If you have not yet submitted your survey, you should do so soon because the sooner you do, the more chances you have to win.